Strongcrete 15 minute concrete is an easy to use, fast-setting concrete ideal for the placement of posts. Simply concrete in the post and carry on with the job. Sets in minutes.

Strongcrete 15 Minute concrete consists of a special blend of cement, graded dry quality sand and aggregates and selected additives. Only water is required. Strongcrete 15 Minute is ideal for applications involving placement of posts – from erecting fence posts to securing clotheslines, sign posts and mail boxes. Strongcrete 15 Minute is not recommended for structural concretes or concretes requiring a smooth trowel finish. For these applications, use Strongcrete Hi-Strength 15 Minute Concrete or Strongcrete 36 MPa concrete.

When mixed according to the instructions, Strongcrete 15 Minute achieves a set in minutes and a 28-day strength of 20MPa.

Available in: 25KG

Specification Sheets

Download the specification sheet below for details of quantities and mixing instructions.